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In order to use this module, you will need to have PowerShell 7 installed and a Twitter Developer account.

PowerShell 7

In order to support cross-platform scenarios, PowerShell 7 was chosen as the version for this new module. Focusing on a single version will also allow us to forego handling the API calls differently between Windows PowerShell and PowerShell 7.

Please see Installing various versions of PowerShell for instructions on installing PowerShell 7. You can install it on virtually any modern operating system - Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

Developer Account Tokens

Currently, any user of the module would need to apply for a Twitter Developer account and create an application in the portal.

  1. Once you have created the application, generate your API key/secret and access token/secret.
  2. Next, clone this repo to a location of your choosing. This will change once the module is in the PowerShell Gallery.
  3. Then use the Set-TwitterAuthentication -Persist to add your key, token and secrets. (Omit the -Persist if you do not want to save your credentials to disk.)
Set-TwitterAuthentication -Persist -Verbose
API Key: *************************
API Secret: **************************************************
Access Token: **************************************************
Access Token Secret: *********************************************


VERBOSE: Successfully connected to Twitter.
VERBOSE: Saved Twitter credentials to existing file: C:\Users\Dave\.TwitterPowerShell\twittercred.sav